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Silence of the Lambs

Is J Street in the tent, or out?

The Palestinian Aid Trap

CWP condemns NIF as NGO Monitor "ally"

In a letter contradicting many of NIF’s claims and allegations against NGO Monitor, CWP confirms the accuracy of NGO Monitor’s account.

Consultations with NGO Monitor shape Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah Movement’s approach to NIF

The Movement is a centrist religious Zionist organization and a NIF grantee, and it has been criticized as a “fig leaf” for NIF’s problematic funding of groups that delegitimize Israel.

The New Israel Fund, Dipping Its Toe Into the BDS Swamp

Jeffrey Goldberg on the NIF's BDS policy: "It would seem that if the New Israel Fund believes BDS to be immoral, then it would defund grantees that support BDS, even incidentally."

Human Rights in the Middle East

HRW founder Robert Bernstein on political campaigns against Israel, noting that HRW´s "attacks on almost every issue [have] become more and more hostile."

Obsessed with Israel

The Red Cross is dangerously close to those NGOs with little public accountability that wage a "soft war" against Israel.

Red lines and blue-and-white lines

Panel dissects lawfare and Goldstone Report

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