• Website: www.waronwant.org
  • Founded in the early 1950s, London, UK
  • Mission statement: "Fighting for a world without poverty...As part of our strategy to make a difference to workers living in poverty we recognise the need to support organisations working in areas suffering from political conflict. Our aim is to ensure that workers in conflict zones are able to work in secure conditions."
  • Palestinian partner NGOs include the highly politicized Union of Palestine Medical Relief Committees
  • Previously run by British MP George Galloway, expelled from the Labour Party for public incitement against British forces serving in the Iraq conflict, and under investigation for alleged links to the Saddam Hussein regime.
  • WoW is a leader of the anti-Israel boycott and sanctions movement; the "Palestine campaign" erases the context of terror; with demonizing terms such as war crimes and collective punishment, Israel's campaign of apartheid, apartheid wall., etc.
  • Was under investigation by UK Charity Commission.
  • Government donors include UK Department of International Development (£231,592), European Commission (£240,068), Irish Aid (£69,995).

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